Our own beach and laplander’s hut are available for all guests. The boat, the canoe and the lakeside sauna are for rent. We offer frisbee disks and also Fatbikes that are a collaboration with Vuokatti Ski Service. There are various children`s board games in the house, but other leisure activities in the house are on a break (1.12.20-31.3..21) due to renovations. Vuokatti skiing activities are located near us. We also provide our own ski trails and snowmobile possibilities.

Sotkamo and Vuokatti offer many activities for families and also for people looking for self-time. Vuokatti Slopes, Katinkulta Spa, SuperPark and Vuokatti Adventure Park are all located in Vuokatti. You can also follow the games of the Finnish baseball champion team Sotkamon Jymy.