In force: 1.1.2022-31.12.22

Room prices:

Single room 65,00€/night

Double room 90,00€/night

Family room (triple room) 120,00€/night

Extra beds:

  • Age 0-5 free
  • Age 6-12 32,50€/night

Cottage (Tuli or Loimu) 145,00€/ two person/ night (including breakfast)

Breakfast 10,00€ / adult (children 2-12 years 5,00€)

Additional services:

Sauna/lakeside sauna (electric) price will be agreed

Sauna + outside hot tub (max. 3h) 80,00€

Hot tub can only fit max. 4 people!

Canoe/rowboat 5,00€/2h

Laundering (washing+drying) 5,00€/wash

Fatbike (includes a helmet) 55,00€/24h

Bicycle 5,00€/h

Frisbee disks 4,00€/day

Ride to the nearest airport (Kajaani airport) can be arranged beforehand