1. Registrar

Name: Loma Luonnonlapsi Oy
Business ID: 2071065-9 
Address: Kipinäntie 10, 88600 Sotkamo, Finland

2. The person responsible for the registry

Name: Eeva Bäck
Address: Kipinäntie 10, 88600 Sotkamo, Finland

3. Name of the registry

Loma Luonnonlapsi customer registry.

4. The purpose of processing personal data

Personal data can be processed for:

  • Site and service communications
  • Customer management
  • Analysis and profiling
  • Management of invitation for tenders
  • Processing feedback

5. The information content of the registry

The registry may include information of the following :

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Home web page
  • Company and address information
  • Analysis and profile data
  • IP-address and transmission, country data
  • Web browser, operating software
  • contact information 
  • Other possible information granted by user

Site may also include cookies from third-party, like surveying and monitoring services. Third parties are able to set cookies to your main device while visiting the website. 

6. Preservation of personal data

Personal data is being preserved on protected server. Strong encryptions are used to connect to the servers. 

Messages sent via forms are preserved indefinitely.

7. Regular sources of information

Customer information is obtained on a regular basis:

  • From website forms filled by customer themselves
  • Web service may use cookies to improve user experience. Usage of cookies is asked separately which user can accept
  • Web service may use specific content (videos, articles, pictures etc.) that comes from a third party service (e.g. Google, Facebook). These Web services may collect personal tracking data, provided that you possess an account and you are logged into this specific Service.

8. Regular disclosure of information

  • The information cannot be used to maketing wihtout customer’s concent
  • Information is not being shared outside of EU or the European Economic Area excluding data collected by third parties which are named in section seven.

9. Data transfer outside of EU or the European Economic Area

  • Information is not being shared outside of EU or European Economic Area excluding data collected by third parties which are named in section seven.

10. Customer rights

Right of inspection and rectification and to be forgotten

  • Customer has the right to check the information stored in the register concerning them.
  • If the information has mistakes or the customer wants to delete their information from the registry, customer may contact and leave a request to correct the information to the person mentioned in section two. 

11. Priciples of registry protection

Manual material

  • Manual material consists of the passenger notices which are by law preserved by the travel operator for one year. Travel operator has to submit customer data to the district police department by confidentiality provision.

Electronically stored data

  • personal data is being preserved confidentially. On the device which the registry is located is being projected by a firewall, regular backups and other technical measures to protect and storage personal data securely.